From Single Family Home to Mojito Creek Retreat

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Especially, when you close on January 9th and the first group of 15 scrapbookers wants to come January 29th! During the house shopping process I started window shopping, trying out beds, making a list and price checking on the internet so that as soon as we closed I could pull the trigger. From hosting so many retreats at other locations I knew what worked and what didn’t, I knew what the complaints were about and what people loved! 6 foot tables were a must, anything smaller just isn’t worth it. Flat mattress on wood boards, no thanks. Tiny dinning room table where people have to eat in shifts, pass. If I was going to do this I was going to do it better then everywhere else! The house had just been painted, so I had to plan on working with the paint already there. And it was not a single color I had ever planned on working with! The bold colors suited the style of the house, and totally lend themselves to the great vacation feel, but it certainly wasn’t off-white! As soon as we closed on the house I went on massive shopping sprees! First stop furniture store, I needed to get 14 mattresses, 14 bed frames, couches, tables, chairs and everything in between! I know I totally made a sales mans month in just one swift transaction! Dozen of trips to the store led to 30 sets of sheets, trash cans, kitchen items, towels, toilet paper, toasters, coffee pots, lamps etc. Three full carts at Ikea for curtains, bedside tables, duvet covers and dishes! It was super fun at first. Staying on budget was like a game. But believe it or not all that shopping got overwhelming and boring! Several trips and several car loads later we got all the supplies to Mojito Creek. Thanks to hours and hours of help from many wonderful friends and family members it all started to take shape! The master bed room became a cool, breezy paradise with 4 twins and 1 queen all done in light blues and grays. The art work on the walls was all hand made with love by me. The attached bathroom with step down shower and soaking tub all formed around a single elephant painting I found on one of my shopping trips. Though elephants are a surprising choice for a hacienda style home they add the perfect touch of vacation! The main room is vast and needed some very large art to cover it’s walls. I purchased several pounded metal plates that have been abstractly placed on the largest wall. The wall nearest the sprawling window front is a hand painted piece of the Denver skyline, and the colors match Mojito Creek perfectly! I continue daily to search for artwork to add to Mojito Creek to enhance it’s beauty! After everything was perfect, just as I had dreamed it would be, I came to realize that I did not need to convert a family home into a retreat. It will always be a home. A home away from home, if only for the weekend. A home to relax and renew in. A home to create many memories with friends and loved ones in. Mojito Creek is our home, and we are very happy to open up our home and invite you in!

“Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.” Cecelia Ahern