How Mojito Creek Got it’s Name

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One of the most popular questions I get asked is was the house named Mojito Creek already or did I name it that. Prior to my owning the property it was just a family home. I am the third owner in the properties history.  Like every good boat, a good house needs a name! Beaver Creek flows right through the front yard so I began to play around with the word creek, as well as words like mountain, ridge, rocky etc. The house has great character inside and out, and a very distinct look to it. With its bold coloring and Spanish influence I tried out lots of Spanish words, hacienda, bonita etc.  I knew I wanted the house to have a relaxed, low-key, vacation feel to it, and also wanted it to be a bit about me and what I liked.  I started thinking about the best part of relaxing and vacation and that made me think of mojitos, my favorite drink! With its light bubbling texture and its cool refreshing mint taste, a hint of bold green coloring and distinctive lime and mint leaf signature.  I started pairing the word Mojito with the other words floating in my head, and suddenly Mojito Creek came to mind.  Boom! That was it! Mojito, even though not Spanish, had the perfect flair and culture to it to incapsulate the feeling I was going for. Creek because it lent itself to the uniqueness of the property yet gave the outdoor mountain feel.  As I started to describe the house to people I would say ‘it’s a cabin, but it doesn’t look like a cabin…it’s not your mama’s cabin.’ And just like that we had a tag line too! 

Mojito Creek, it’s not your mama’s cabin.