Finding my perfect Retreat

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Once upon a time there was girl who dreamed big… and the rest is history!  I love a good story, one with ups and downs and twists and turns, and of course a happily ever after! 

After several years of trying to figure out where I fit in making the scrapbooking world my full time business, I decided it was in what I do best- make relationships and entertain!  Hosting retreats was a natural step, and for six years I did just that. I put groups together, rented other peoples houses and planned retreats. I recently found myself in a position where I was ready to make a bigger commitment to surround myself in this business by either opening a brick and mortar store, or in purchasing a retreat house. I was torn between the two.  After a few ups, and a soul crushing down with opening a store my decision was made for me, and I poured 100% of my vision and future into opening a retreat. With the full support of my rock star, break-the-mold husband I was off and dream chasing….

My amazing relator and I began the long process and search of finding the perfect house! We looked at about 35 houses in 30 days, and poured through countless others online.  I scoured northern Colorado and other mountain areas within about a 2 hour drive of my Fort Collins home. Some houses looked really great on paper! But they turned out to have creative camera men, flights of stairs, Marijuana grow houses in them (seriously!) or have floor plans that would need walls knocked out to accommodate my grand vision. You see, I’m not good at thinking small or being told no. I’m a dreamer, that does. 

I’ve always liked the Gilpin County area. It has such beauty, a way about it. Something in the curve of the roads, the flow of the rivers and the wind in the trees. It’s quiet mountains a world away, but a quick drive to city life. It’s also a pricer area then where I had originally began looking, but I was already going to be in that area for the weekend so I agreed to meet my realtor and husband to see a few places. One house was a former property of the McCoy’s, as in Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, and on paper looked great…but it turned out to be on unmaintained county roads which were a disaster! Had to check that one off the list! A few houses later we ended up at this hacienda style stucco home. I was hesitant to go inside. It had been on our list early on but was above our price range so I wasn’t sure why we were here. Turned out the seller had dropped the price considerably just the day before, so while we were in the area we might as well check it out, right?  Within 15 seconds of being in that house, I knew!! This was it! This was my dream house! Perfectly laid out for just what I wanted! Huge, spread out floor plan, no stairs, two kitchens, ample parking, 3 bathrooms, large bedrooms, amazing windows…everything on my well thought out list!  I could see myself hosting retreats in that house. I could hear the laughter of a good time, smell the tasty party food, see the people of my life in that house. We made an offer that day.

On January 9th 2015, I owned my own retreat house. I did it! 

“She believed she could, so she DID”  R. S. Grey